Who Needs High Visibility Clothes

Visibility clothes are special clothes that are worn by specific people otherwise they would lose their purpose. They would also be easily misinterpreted by people as everyday clothes. This means that not everyone should wear high visibility clothes. It however doesn’t mean that there is a restriction on who can buy them. It is simply implied that if you don’t need visibility clothes for your work and if you aren’t a runner or cyclist, you should not buy them. In the past people who needed to use visibility jackets had accidents because they were previously not part of the safety standards. People chose if and when to wear them. Today, with their incorporation as part of the safety rules, they have helped reduce the number of accidents tremendously. The people who are now required to wear visibility clothes are:

Construction workers

They need high visibility jackets so that the machine operators at the site can easily spot them and redirect the machine to move away from the workers. Alternatively, they may alert the workers to move out the way easily and thereby avoid accidents.

Traffic controllers

There are traffic controllers everywhere because there is traffic everywhere. They are found in airports, on roads, even on the subway. Every personnel that controls a type of traffic needs to be in high visibility jackets or trousers so that they can easily be noticed. In the airport, they use the visibility jackets to alert the pilots about their position on the tarmac and where the pilot should steer the plane. Other that airport traffic control however, all the people who may come into contact with a moving plane need high visibility clothesfor the same reason.

Security personnel

The people who man events and places need to wear high visibility jackets. The ushers of such places also need to wear them so that they can easily spot and identify each other.

Fire fighters

They need to have high visibility clothes so that in case of emergency they can be easily spotted by the victims as well as by colleagues because smoke significantly reduces visibility,